Val & Mike’s Auto Service share some Val-U-Able and Helpful Hints for a Better Running Vehicle

Proper fluid levels and clean filters are vital.  In addition to the grit, dirt and other foreign matter which enters the engine and transmission from outside air and other sources, your car also creates its own contaminants through condensation, chemical reactions and wear.  Some parts could self – destruct if not protected by filters.  To help ensure sound performance from your vehicle, keep in mind the following components that should be regularly checked or replaced.

  • Air Filter: This keeps abrasive dust, dirt, bugs and other foreign matter out of your engine air intake system. Depending on driving conditions should be changed annually.
  • Transmission Filter: your transmission filter collects dirt and metal fragments, protecting finely machined parts.  It should be replaced at the same time you replace the transmission fluid. Average replacement every 50K.
  • Fuel filter: This filter traps rust, sediment and other particles that would otherwise enter the engine and inhibit your vehicle’s performance. Average replacement every 25K.
  • Oil Filter: This filter traps dirt, metal filings and sludge, allowing only filtered motor oil to circulate through the engine.  A clogged or dirty oil filter allows contaminated motor oil to circulate and cause excessive engine wear. Average replacement every 5K
  • Cabin Air Filter: This filter found in the passenger compartment of the vehicle cleans the incoming air by trapping contaminants such as pollen, dust, mold spores and smog as it passes through the air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. This filter should be changed annually.

Val & Mike’s Auto Service has been serving the Huntington Beach community for 20 years. We have earned a reputation for honesty, competency and commitment to our customers with our simplistic approach of being “problem solvers” not a “sellers” when it comes to automotive repairs and maintenance.

At Val & Mike’s Auto Service we realize your car is an investment.  When you service or repair your vehicle you continue to invest in its reliability and performance. With our ASE Certified technicians and our up-to-date equipment, we can keep your vehicle superbly maintained.  Our scheduled factory services, fuel injection services, transmission and coolant services, brake and power steering services are competitively priced and will save you time.  Importantly, we can service your new car and keep your new car warranty valid.

The philosophy we promote is the best time to find a mechanic is when you don’t need one.  Our 5K service is a great introduction to our one-on-one service and quality workmanship. It includes: 5 quarts of synthetic blend oil, oil filter, tire rotation, brake inspection, battery test, 30 point inspection, and all fluids topped.  It is an excellent value and an opportunity for the customer to realize if our shop is a good fit for them.

We invite you to checkout our website at for more Val-U-Able and helpful hints and offers to keep your vehicle reliable and your family safe!

– Val & Mike Schepens