Natural Gas Injector Cleaner

Bosch natural gas fuel injector cleaning

Bosch natural gas fuel injector like those used in NGV fleet vehicles

Large Gas company in Ohio is a new client of ours. They have a natural gas-powered vehicle fleet including delivery trucks, meter reading vehicles and half-ton pickups, all running on compressed natural gas.

While these vehicles have standard displacement engines they use a bigger Bosch fuel injector to handle the natural gas or propane. With the growth of natural gas discovery and its popularity as a fuel for fleet vehicles we are certain that many more municipal fleet vehicle, utility fleet vehicles, limousine, cab and town car fleets will be switching over to CNG or NGV status in the near future.

For Dominion we are engaged in detailed recording of data about the flow characteristics of the fuel injectors when they come in for service, when they have been cleaned by us and we are working with them to chart their gas savings, their cost savings on fuel and on oil changes as well. Natural gas is great for fuel injected motors as it burns very clean.

We can handle the large volume that fleet vehicle owners need.

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