Gasoline Direct Injector Cleaning - Injector Experts

Gasoline Direct Injectors Cleaned

$25.00 each

Standard Gas Injectors Cleaned

$20.00 each

Injector Experts exists for one reason...

We allow you to quickly, conveniently clean, rebuild & test your fuel injectors and
return them to you as quickly as possible!

We constantly strive to improve ourselves.  If you have a question or suggestion please feel free to contact us.

If your engine has Fuel Injectors: Auto, Motorcycle, ATV, Marine read the following very carefully!

Just like a carburetor, the fuel injectors become clogged, filled with varnish and carbon residue. Just like a dirty carburetor, fuel injectors begin to flow inconsistently from cylinder to cylinder and you lose power, idle rough and your MPG decreases.

Some cylinders run lean and detonation begins. Clean and Rebuild Your Fuel Injectors! We have fully computerized flow testing and cleaning equipment that can restore your original fuel injectors to new in 95 % of the cases.


Our state of the art Injector Servicing Technology will save you hundreds of dollars over new injector prices in most cases. Keep all your car, motorcycle and marine engines running as good as your race vehicles. We can rebuild most domestic and foreign injectors the same day and have exchange units in stock for many models. Tell your mechanic to send your injectors to us, or call us.

20+ Years of Injector Cleaning Expertise - Injector Experts