Standard Gasoline Injectors – Clean, Test, and Match


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Our service and testing procedure insures years of additional life, improved power and fuel economy.

  • Injectors are externally cleaned, visually inspected
  • Injectors are tested for resistance, inductance, shorts, and current draw
  • Leak, spray pattern, and flow rate tests are performed and recorded
  • A three step ultrasonic cleaning process in three separate ultrasonic tanks
  • A high pressure back-flush is performed to remove any remaining particles
  • Leak, spray pattern, and flow rate tests are re-performed and recorded
  • New filter baskets, O-rings, and pintle caps are installed if applicable
  • The injectors are placed in sealed plastic bags
  • A comprehensive test report is prepared and returned with the injectors
  • Your injectors are shipped back to you ready to be installed in your vehicle

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