Hastings Fuel Injector Cleaning

Are you a engine rebuilder, mechanic, DIY car repair person or even a Fleet Manager or Fleet mechanic and live in Hastings, Michigan? Fuel injector cleaning is the most cost effective way to restore full function to your fuel injectors, whether in a gasoline or natural gas engine (CNG, LNG).

A thorough injector cleaning from InjectorExperts.com is the affordable way to get your fuel injected vehicle to perform like new. Most top-feed injectors are cleaned for $19.95 each and return shipping is free. We have 24-hour turnaround in 90% of the fuel injectors we clean.

Why choose InjectorExperts.com?:

  1. We electronically check each fuel injector, ohm them out to manufacturer’s specifications. Less than 5% are shorted out. If a fuel injector is shorted, it can’t be fixed or cleaned.
  2. Injectors are internally cleaned with ultrasound with pulse action. This moves internal parts of fuel injector and pushes cleaner through to clean out rust, sediment, bad gas, any imperfections, rust, ethanol, anything the first filter missed.
  3. Flow bench to check for leak, test spray pattern, all up to flow rate tests are performed and recorded, up to OEM standards. This data available on request.
  4. Visually inspected for defects making sure the “O” Ring area and filter areas will accept new parts. New O rings and filters placed on every injector, they are ready for installation.
  5. We can handle large fleet vehicle orders

If you have fuel injectors that need cleaning and live in Hastings, Michigan call InjectorExperts at 419-619-6650 for immediate assistance or fill out our handy fuel injector cleaning form.